Tenqido.com and Tenqido.org Indeed

For now, please see Tenqido.com and Tenqido.org. This specific Tenqido site may be developed more at a later time.

Tenqido has always existed, in spirit.

Michael Ten is director of Tenqido. You can support him on Patreon if you want to support him in developing Tenqido.

Read Radical Life Extension, Extreme Longevity, and Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery.

Listen to Ten Milagros.

Again, for now, please see Tenqido.com and Tenqido.org.

Cheers and Limitless Peace!

TenQiDo Is Tenqido

Tenqido is many things.

Tenqido is a religion that is not a religion. It is a religion though. You can be of any faith to practice tenqido.

Tenqido is a martial art that is not a martial art.

Tenqido is qigong; tenqido is a form of life energy cultivation.

Tenqido is a business that is not a business.

Tenqido is a DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. 

Tenqido Starting

Tenqido is a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization

Michael Ten has started the site Tenqido.win. 

More will be added soon.

Tenqido is a business that is not a business. 

Tenqido is a martial art that is not a martial art. 

For now, to be part of Tenqido, you can contribute on Reddit and GitHub. Be creative! 

Tenqido may attempt to help accelerate worthwhile projects and organizations like Stewardship Permaculture Pilgrimage and SENS Research Foundation